Adipex generic Phentermine

Therapy and prevention of obesity have become two important tasks the national healthcare faces today in many developed countries of the world. Despite the fact that everybody knows about bad influence of excess weight on life quality and lifespan, the number of people suffering from obesity increases annually.

Whereas previously extra body weight was considered a result of laziness and gluttony, today scientists consider obesity a disease, which requires special treatment. Phentermine anti-obesity drug was created by American scientists in the middle of the last century as a medical means to cure depression.

However, they noticed that this psychostimulant has a slight anti-depressant effect, but a powerful anorexigenic effect. Phentermine belongs to sympathomimetic medications that suppress the appetite by stimulating the release of norepinephrine and dopamine by the nerve endings in the satiety center – hypothalamus.

Other effects typical for sympathomimetics, such as suppression of gastric secretion and increase in energy consumption probably reduce the appetite and contribute to weight loss as well

Phentermine is produced in many countries of the world. Apart from Phentermine, people can buy generic of Phentermine, like Adipex or Duromine. The only difference between Phentermine and its generic version Adipex is the shape, color and packaging of tablets or capsules of generic and brand drug.

  1. In addition, prices of these medications are also different
  2. Usually, Phentermine generic drugs are cheaper than the original drug
  3. But prices of generic drugs may vary too
  4. It depends on the pricing policy of a pharmacy, as well as the ingredients, used in the production of this generic drug
  5. It happens that the price indicates that cheap ingredients were used during the production of a generic drug, and these ingredients might cause large number of side effects and discomfort in patients
  6. So, do not hurry to buy such generic drug
  7. Unlike many generic drugs, Adipex provides the same therapeutic effect as the original drug
  8. The active ingredient, Phentermine the substance of Adipex, is approved by the U.S. FDA and can be used as a temporary weight loss means
  9. Adipex generic drug should be used by those patients, whose body mass index (BMI) is over 30kg/m², but at the same time he has obesity-associated risk factors
  10. By its pharmacological effect and structure, Phentermine is similar to amphetamine
  11. Therefore, Phentermine can cause physical and psychological addiction
  12. Due to this, Adipex generic drug is never prescribed to patients, who have a history of drug dependence
  13. Just as all medications, Adipex generic drug can cause side effects
  14. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, patients can tolerate side effects differently.

Some patients may not have any side effects at all; others suffer from severe side effects. The most common side effects of Adipex appetite suppressant are nervousness, dry mouth, constipation and arterial hypertension.

Given that, doctors must be careful prescribing Phentermine anorexigenic drug to patients with hypertension. In addition, diet pills should be prescribed with caution to patients with anxious and depressive state, since amphetamine-like Adipex drug can worsen their manifestations.

Specialists recommend using Adipex slimming pills in the morning before breakfast, or 1-2 hours after it and avoid late intake of this drug because it provokes insomnia

The drug can be used for weight loss in adults and teenagers over 16 years old. The daily dose is one capsule or tablet of 37.5 mg per day. For more effective weight loss effect, the drug for reduction and correction of body mass is prescribed along with physical loads and low-calorie balanced diet.

According to some data, scientists found a connection between Phentermine and pulmonary hypertension, as well as valvular heart disease

No clinical data have confirmed the impact of Adipex anorectic drug to the development of these diseases. Still, if a patient has dyspnea, tightness in chest or fainting, he should stop taking the drug and visit a doctor.

Adipex generic of Phentermine can help lose weight quickly and effectively without any stress or discomfort.