Adipex tableting

Adipex is a drug for obesity, which is sold as tablets and capsules. The drug is in demand namely in the form of tablets. They have many advantages comparing to other dosage forms.

The main advantage of Adipex tablets is that they are taken orally. Impact on the body through the gastrointestinal tract provides the maximum absorption of all elements necessary for weight loss.

Penetrating the patient’s body, Adipex tablets have a rapid disintegration and subsequent dissolution. This is achieved due to a small number of excipients and the maximum concentration of the active substance.

Adipex tablets have the most accurate dosage of their main component – Phentermine. This is very important, because Phentermine is close to amphetamine by its mechanism of action. The slightest deviation from allowable dosage may cause severe dependence in the obese patient.

In terms of biological digestibility, Adipex tablets are quickly absorbed into the body. They do not have a long-term concentration that minimizes occurrence of side effects.

Adipex tablets have a sufficient mechanical strength that is especially important in transportation and packaging process. Digestive juices easily penetrate into the tablet structure that promote a rapid absorption of active component.

In addition, Adipex tablets are resistant to external factors such as oxidation and humidity. This allows to save all useful properties and necessary trace elements throughout shelf life of the drug.

Adipex tableting

Tablets are produced by means of tablet presses that convert homogeneous powder mass into the usual form of tablets. In the production of Adipex tablets, the most modern equipment, which meets all quality standards, is used.

Adipex tablets have a protective film coating. It is applied to the tablets for several reasons.

From an aesthetic point of view, film coating of Adipex tablets improves appearance of the drug. The coating protects the tablets from foreign odors.

Film coating improves the mechanical resistance of Adipex tablets. This, in turn, protects the drug from undesirable impact of external factors.

Therapeutic function of film coating is to regulate release of Adipex active enzymes when absorbed by the body.

Film coating of Adipex tablets is a modern method of applying a protective coating. Aqueous solutions are used in Adipex production as substances that form a thin film.

When applying film coating on Adipex tablets, the production time of this drug is significantly reduced. Consequently, material expenses are also minimized when manufacturing this drug.

Application of a protective coating on Adipex tablets is almost completely automated. This allows to use standard materials and processes of the drug production.

Adipex tablets are easy to use; they do not require additional treatment before use. There is no need to use any additional means together with this drug.