Adipex Technologies

Modern technologies of dosage forms in obesity treatment are constantly being improved. A number of tasks that continuously arise before developers of medicines require solutions and practical applications.

The following research and practical tasks of creating new dosage forms for obesity treatment are still relevant:

  • conducting thorough studies in such areas as technology, biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics of medicines
  • creation and practical application of new dosage forms in obesity treatment and improvement of existing ones
  • creation of long-acting drugs and dosage forms that are used in treatment of childhood obesity and overweight in elderly
  • search and introduction of new excipients, expansion of range of components for injectable dosage forms
  • use of high-quality packaging material for obesity drugs
  • improvement of technologies for production of weight loss drugs at pharmacies.

Terminology of technology of medicinal production includes such concepts as dosage form, designation of technological processes and operations of machines and apparatus.

The following terms are applicable to production technology of Adipex drug, which is used to treat obesity:

The pharmacological agent – is a sympathomimetic, substance that receives name of the drug according to the results of clinical trials
The drug is a potent, pharmacological agent that is authorized to treat diseases or disorders
The drug substance - is a chemical, Phentermine is a drug that is a chemical compound or biologically active substance
The dosage form - is fast-acting capsules (tablets), this is an easy-to-use dosage form of the drug
Medication - Adipex, is a drug in the form of a certain dosage form.

Thus, Adipex as a medicine has the following characteristics:

  • Composition: active substance Phentermine
  • Nature: chemical synthetic substance
  • Physical properties: solid
  • Pharmacological activity: potent.

Excipients are additional components that are necessary for preparation of a medication and contributing to its effect on the patient’s body. Excipients can be natural and synthetic (semi-synthetic) by their origin.

Natural excipients have an undeniable advantage over synthetic ones – they are practically harmless to the patient’s body. However, they are extremely unstable to the action of various microorganisms. In this regard, natural excipients can become the main source of microbial contamination of the drug.

Synthetic auxiliary substances are widely used in technology of drugs production. Relative availability and opportunities for synthesis of substances with the same properties speak in their favor.

In addition to the main component – Phentermine, Adipex contains the following excipients:

  • Natural ones are yellow wax, hydrogenated soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy lecithin, and gelatin.
  • Synthetic and semi-synthetic are glycerin 85%, sorbitol 70%, propyl sodium, sodium ethoxide, paraben, titanium dioxide, ricinoleate, quinoline yellow, and methoxyacetophenone.