Buy Acomplia

Acomplia is one of the newest medications for treatment of obesity and conditions associated with it. Acomplia suppresses the appetite effectively and allows you to reduce the caloric value of your daily diet.

The owner of Acomplia trademark is Sanofi – one of the largest pharmaceutical companies. This is the world leader in healthcare field, specializing on production and distribution of generic and brand drugs.

Not that long ago, the marketing authorization of Acomplia weight loss pills was suspended in EU. The drug became very popular and thus many overweight people keep asking – How to buy Acomplia?

Sanofi no longer supplies Acomplia diet pills to EU and other countries of the world. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) came to conclusion that the benefits of Acomplia appetite suppressant do not outweigh the potential risks

Perhaps, people suffering from overweight or obesity will have a chance to buy Acomplia in 2016-2017 again.

So far, additional clinical research is conducted to learn the efficiency of Acomplia anorexigenic drug.

If you have no idea where to buy Acomplia, you may use online pharmacy service. It is possible that this is the only way to get Acomplia weight loss pills today.


Acomplia contains Rimonabant active ingredient and several inactive components. You can buy Rimonabant under other trademarks – Bethin, Riobant, Rimoslim, Slimona, Monaslim and Zimulti.

Speaking of safety and efficiency, Acomplia generic drugs are no different from weight loss pills by Sanofi. They both provide identical therapeutic effect and thus can replace each other.

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Acomplia diet pills by Sanofi used to be quite pricey. Now, you can buy Acomplia in India at more affordable prices. The patent system of India and many other countries allows companies to produce generic versions of popular brands.