Buy Rimonabant

Rimonabant weight loss drug became available for sale in 2006 and immediately gained popularity among obese people, willing to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Despite the fact that Rimonabant represents a new class of therapeutic agents and people need a prescription to buy it, many online pharmacies of the UK and Canada started offering overweight patients to buy Rimonabant drug from them.

In the UK and European countries, Rimonabant was on sale under the brand name Acomplia; people from Canada and the USA could buy Rimonabant tablets under the trademark Zimulti

The efficiency of new anti-obesity drug – Rimonabant was so high that at first, nobody paid much attention to side effects caused by Rimonabant and its generic versions.

Clinical trials of Rimonabant have shown that this drug could cause severe mental disorders in patients, even suicidal attempts. Then, in 2008, Sanofi-Aventis withdrew Rimonabant from the international pharmaceutical market and stopped the updating process.


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