Features of adolescent obesity treatment

Duration of adolescent obesity treatment is largely depends on how quickly a teenager will be motivated to change the eating behavior. It is important that a full-bodied teenager could follow the diet even after the end of obesity treatment course.

It is quite difficult to change the teenager’s attitude to a tasty, sweet and fatty food. However, due to that Duromine helps to reduce appetite, the child can be convinced that overeating is not the norm, but an exception to the rule.

The goal of adolescent obesity treatment is not only losing weight, but also prevention of weight regain. Therefore, without motivating and stimulating the child to consume healthy food, the child will begin again to overeat, and obesity – to progress after the end of using Duromine (or any other diet pills).

It is possible to reduce body weight by at least 5% for a month of daily Duromine use. If the teen is not limited only by Duromine use, but leads an enough active lifestyle (for his age), he will be able to reduce his weight by at least 10% in just one month.

Remember that one month is sufficient for weight loss, but is not sufficient to change the adolescent’s attitude to high-calorie foods. Therefore, even if a significant weight loss was achieved a month after the course of obesity treatment, it is necessary to continue to keep the appetite control using Duromine.

If binge eating episodes occur in adolescents daily, the minimum recommended duration of using Duromine diet pills is 3 months. This period is sufficient to create a steady motivation to consume healthy food in an adolescent.

Age and gender of an adolescent suffering from obesity have no any effect on Duromine efficiency. However, it should be noted that it contains active ingredient Phentermine capable to affect the adolescent’s psycho-emotional status. Thus, Duromine can affect the learning process, the level of understanding of educational material, and everyday communication with teachers and peers.

In Australia, Duromine is used to treat obesity only in adolescents older 12 years (inclusive). Duromine pills are contraindicated in children under 12 years.

If you want to buy Duromine in Australia, ask your doctor to prescribe you this drug. If the prescription was prescribed to your child, keep this drug out of the reach of children. Duromine can cause drug dependence, so adolescents should take these diet pills under the adult’s supervision.