Phentermine precautions

The main precautions when using Phentermine weight loss pills, is to respect doctor’s recommendations. Phentermine is a potent psychostimulant that affects the brain activity and that may increase the blood pressure.

You can buy Phentermine in form of tablets or capsules. Phentermine tablets and capsules are meant for oral intake and only for obesity treatment. Do not use Phentermine to cure other diseases.

Phentermine dosage

As any other medications, Phentermine should be used in the dose as prescribed by the doctor only. If you missed a dose, please do not take 2 pills of Phentermine the next day. Make sure you never exceed the maximum Phentermine dose.

Term of Phentermine use

Phentermine appetite suppressant is only intended for a short-term use. The recommended term of Phentermine use is 5-7 weeks. After this time, the drug’s efficiency is greatly reduced. Moreover, a prolonged use of Phentermine may cause physical dependence and that is why, the maximum term of use of these weight loss pills is just 12 weeks

Obesity comorbidities

Arterial hypertension and other diseases of the circulatory system are found in the majority of overweight or obese patients. Phentermine can provoke cardiovascular side effects and therefore patients from the risk group should be very careful when using this anorexigenic drug.

Other diseases and pathologies

Phentermine sympathomimetic amine has to be used with caution by people prone to neurological disorders (for example, epilepsy). Consult a doctor before using Phentermine with antihypertensive drugs, psychotropic substances and sedative drugs

Phentermine pills should be stored in a cool place at room temperature. Make sure children have no access to your weight loss pills. Do not give your Phentermine pills to other people with overweight or obesity. Sale and distribution of Phentermine diet pills without prescription is illegal in most of the industrially developed countries.