Phentermine retail price

The price formation of medications involves common characteristics of price formation on consumer goods, yet has some peculiarities, typical for pharmaceutical industry.

The retail price of appetite suppressant Phentermine depends on the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of this product. In remote regions of the world, Phentermine price can be greatly affected by transport costs and purchasing power of patients

Peculiarities of Phentermine weight loss pills price formation:

Development of active ingredient
Clinical studies
Production and registration of the drug
Marketing research and promotion of the drug

Manufacturers of medications containing Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL) active substance, add to the drug’s cost their developments and unsuccessful trying to create the drug. This leads to that many Phentermine generic drugs become too expensive.

Active ingredient Phentermine HCL has been used for obesity treatment since 1959. Most clinical studies of Phentermine psychostimulant were conducted in last century

The cost of long-term clinical trials significantly affects the retail price of medications.

  1. While the patent protection is valid, pharmaceutical companies can set their own prices, getting superprofit and thereby compensating their costs
  2. In many developed countries, patented anti-obesity and other drugs are not affordable to a great number of patients
  3. For instance, at Canadian pharmacies, Americans buy medications on over $1 billion of USD every year
  4. At the U.S. pharmacies, you can buy such Phentermine drugs, as Adipex, Suprenza and Phentermine Resin Complex
  5. Generic drugs are much cheaper than brand name drugs; therefore, the number of patients with obesity, who order appetite suppressants online, grows annually.

According to some data, over 2 million of packages with medications from India, Thailand and other countries come to the USA by post. Purchasing of cheap drugs online allows to save up to 80% of money, but also increases the risk of fraud.