Potential risks in Duromine use

Duromine (Phentermine) is a modern medical drug, which is used in obesity treatment. Just as any other highly effective medication, Duromine can sometimes cause negative reactions and carries potential risks for the patient’s health.

Pharmacological action of Duromine weight loss pills is aimed at stimulating brain areas, responsible for saturation. Duromine can significantly reduce appetite, affect the rate of weight loss and help in speeding up metabolism.

Due to the fact that weight loss pills Duromine act on the brain, it would be logical to assume that major potential risks should appear from the central nervous system (CNS). However, it is not so. Duromine can not only change serotonin level in the central nervous system, but also raise blood pressure.

This might be a minor problem for healthy people, but disorders, associated with cardiovascular system, are often observed in obese people. Obese people are at risk, which significantly increases the likelihood of irreversible myocardial necrosis and cerebrovascular accidents.

Therefore, weight loss pills Duromine should be taken with caution in patients, who have cardiovascular disorders. When using Duromine, obese patient should inform his doctor about any changes in his heart work or circulatory system.

Potential risks from CNS may include pain in head and neck, deterioration of spatial perception and stability, emotional instability and uncertainty, involuntary limb movements, anxiety and worry.

Some patients may experience sleep disturbance, when using weight loss pills Duromine. This is one of the most frequent Duromine side effects from CNS. Weight loss pills Duromine stimulate central nervous system and increase blood pressure, making it difficult for some patients to relax and fall sleep.

In order to reduce the potential risk of insomnia, it is advised to take weight loss pills in the morning. This will allow patient with obesity not to feel painful hunger throughout the day. By evening, action of Duromine drug will weaken.

Patient may have depression in therapy with Duromine weight loss pills. To prevent depression, it is recommended to spend more time outdoors and increase physical activity. Even light exercise improves mood and self-esteem in most people.

In some patients, Duromine can cause such gastrointestinal side effects, as dry mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and uncontrolled or frequent defecation. Patients are recommended a balanced diet and regular meals to reduce potential gastrointestinal risks.

Besides frequent Duromine side effects, there are risks, associated with unexpected side effects. Some male patients complained of potency violations, while others have reported increased libido.

Changes in sexual desire and potency violations are side effects, reported by the manufacturer of Duromine weight loss pills. Increased libido is more of a psychological effect that may occur, when the patient reduces weight and increases physical activity.

It is clear that, without exception, any medicinal drug has at least some side effects. Usefulness of Duromine should be greater than the potential risks. Weight loss pills Duromine help the patient lose weight in a short time and reduce the risks, which accompany obesity.