Rimonabant 20mg

Rimonabant is one of the most popular drugs for treatment of excess weight or obesity. The drug is prescribed for anti-obesity monotherapy along with lifestyle changes, like consumption of a balanced food and increase in physical activity level.

Rimonabant 20 mg weight loss pills were available in 18 countries members of the European Economic Area earlier. According the data of 2015, over 700 thousand of people all over the world took the treatment with Rimonabant.

To reduce the body weight stably, people should take just one Rimonabant 20mg tablet a day. To anorexigenic drug reduce the appetite during most of the day, people should take this weight loss pill in the morning

The use of Rimonabant 20mg pills before breakfast allows patients to avoid insomnia and other sleep disorders. Patients must not take more than one diet tablet of Rimonabant 20mg per day, even if they missed a dose.

Misuse or overuse of Rimonabant weight loss pills increases the risk of side effects. Rimonabant 20mg is an optimal recommended dose. If weight loss rate is slow, it is necessary to change general plan of weight management.

Before Rimonabant 20mg tablets appeared on sale in the USA and EU, scientists had conducted several successful clinical trials. These trials involved overweight or obese people, including those who suffered from concomitant diseases.

Rimonabant 20mg

Most participants of clinical trials have been taking 5mg to 20mg of Rimonabant per day. Some of them have used 40mg dose a day. It was established that the best weight loss results have been achieved by people, using Rimonabant 20mg dosage.

Rimonabant 20mg tablets are sold under dozens of different brand names. The first brand Acomplia (Rimonabant) by Sanofi-Aventis (Sanofi) was withdrawn from most of national pharmaceutical markets

Multinational pharmaceutical company – Sanofi continues the testing program of the drug and wants to provide some more proof of safety of Rimonabant. It is possible that by the year 2016-2017, overweight people from the USA and EU will have the chance to buy Rimonabant 20 mg pills again.

Sunrise and other pharmaceutical companies from India are producing Rimonabant generic version. Online pharmacies propose to buy Rimonabant 20 mg generic drugs without prescription with home delivery.