Safe weight loss with French diet

Overweight and obesity is a major worldwide problem. Approximately one-third of the planet population, both women and men want to get rid of extra pounds. Overweight often provokes the diseases of heart, blood vessels, liver and kidneys.

Excessive weight simply doesn’t allow many people to live a full life. At that, obese people believe that weight loss will harm their health. These assumptions are wrong. Everyone should get rid of extra pounds. However, if you want to lose weight without harming your health, you should do it correctly.

Physical exercises, a properly chosen diet and quality Duromine weight loss capsules can help you lose up to 15% by weight in just 3 months. Anti-obesity pharmacotherapy with Duromine reduces the body’s ability to accumulate fat. A balanced diet and physical activity will not only help you maintain weight at the reached level, but never to gain it back, as well.

Lately, obese people mostly prefer sticking to the French diet. It is based on complete elimination of dietary carbohydrates. Nutritionists say that 2 weeks of this diet in combination with Duromine result in metabolism reorganization. By the end of the diet patient is capable in controlling his diet and refusing sweets and high-calorie foods on his own.

The diet is called “French”, because it is composed of products that French people use to maintain their slim figures. Diet menu consists mainly of specially selected ingredients, balancing each other. Minimum caloric value of the French diet has made it very popular not only among French women, but for anyone, who wants to lose weight.

When keeping the French diet, people can consume as much boiled or mineral water, as they wish. It is forbidden to consume juices, sugar, salt, alcohol and flour confectionery products.  Maximum weight loss is only possible, if you strictly adhere to the diet for 2 weeks.

French diet has been changing with time, and now it is hardly possible to find the exact 14-days menu. One of the menu variations for the French diet is the following:

The first and the eighth day:

  • breakfast: natural black coffee without sugar;
  • lunch: two eggs, a tomato, lettuce leaves;
  • dinner: 150-200g of boiled lean meat, lettuce leaves.

Second and ninth day:

  • breakfast: natural black coffee without sugar, dry toast;
  • lunch: 150-200g of boiled lean meat;
  • dinner: 100-150g of fat-free ham or cooked sausage, lettuce leaves.

The third and the tenth day:

  • breakfast: natural black coffee without sugar, dry toast;
  • lunch: carrot, fried in vegetable oil, a tomato, a tangerine or an orange;
  • dinner: two eggs, low-fat cooked sausage, lettuce leaves.

Fourth and Eleventh Day:

  • breakfast: natural black coffee without sugar;
  • lunch: an egg, fresh carrots, 100g of cheese;
  • dinner: fruit salad, yogurt.

Fifth and twelfth day:

  • breakfast: grated carrots, flavored with lemon juice;
  • lunch: 200-250g of boiled fish, a tomato;
  • dinner: 100-150g of boiled meat.

Sixth and thirteenth day:

  • breakfast: natural black coffee without sugar;
  • lunch: 100-150g of boiled chicken, lettuce leaves;
  • dinner: 150-200g of boiled meat.

Seventh and fourteenth day:

  • breakfast: tea without sugar;
  • lunch: 150-200g of cooked lean meat, fruit;
  • dinner: 100-150g of lean ham or cooked sausage.

Maximum weight loss is achieved, when you combine the diet with simple physical exercises (e.g., hoop spinning, squats, swimming, walking). Body receives a minimum amount of calories, when the patient keeps to the French diet. Thus, the body uses fat reserves to provide the energy needs, promoting weight loss.

After finishing the French diet, it is important to maintain a balanced diet to fix the achieved result.  Duromine diet capsules after help forming a correct diet, which reduces the body’s ability to store fat and helps maintaining a slender and beautiful figure.

If you decide to lose weight with Duromine, but had never bought diet pills online, then you can ask questions to the pharmacist by phone or online chat.