Using Adipex in specific population groups

Adipex anorectic drug is prescribed for people, who were diagnosed obesity. This drug can be prescribed for people, whose overweight is accompanied with diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or high lipid level in the blood plasma.

Most obese patients can take one Adipex 37.5 mg pill a day, to control the appetite better and to reduce the body weight gradually and steadily. Some groups of people should use Adipex with caution, for others this drug is contraindicated.


Adipex is the central nervous system stimulant and it is similar to this class of drugs prototype – Amphetamine. These drugs have similar pharmacological activity and they are both contraindicated during pregnancy.

Pregnant women have never participated in clinical trials of Adipex. However, women who are planning to get pregnant must be informed about potential danger for the fetus

Maintenance of stable body weight or slight weight gain is recommended for all pregnant women, even those who are overweight or obese. Therefore, women should never use Adipex or any other prescription and over-the-counter slimming pills during pregnancy.


  1. There is no evidence that Phentermine active substance can get into breastmilk
  2. Still, such substances can get into breastmilk
  3. Even the smallest doses of medications in breast milk can harm either physical or psychological development of a child
  4. Nursing mothers must quit using Adipex because of possible side effects.

Use in children

Adipex sympathomimetic amine was approved in the USA for obesity or overweight treatment in people over 16 years old. Adipex is intended for a short-term anti-obesity therapy, and childhood obesity usually requires a prolonged treatment

Doctors from other countries of the world prescribe sometimes anorexigenic drugs to children over 12 years old. You can buy such Phentermine-based drugs as Metermine or Duromine in Australia and New Zealand

Use in elderly

Adipex diet pills are not contraindicated for elderly people, yet they must be careful using these pills. It is recommended to start weight loss therapy with half of Adipex tablet. If side effects do not show up, the dose can be increased (maximum up to 1 pill a day).

Adipex (Phentermine) is one of the most frequently used appetite suppressants in the world. A proper use of the drug reduces the body weight and does not cause side effects as a rule. If you have some questions, ask a pharmacist before you buy Adipex.