Weight loss before and after Duromine

Duromine diet pills are used to reduce excessive weight and to treat obesity. To evaluate Duromine effectiveness, it is important to follow the patient’s weight reduction, before he started using these pills and after.

Duromine can be indicated only to those patients, in whom diet and exercise of varying intensity did not give any results. In addition, Duromine can be prescribed to those patients, who managed to reduce weight on their own, but then again gained extra pounds.

The problem of obesity is that it is a chronic disease, which requires long-term treatment.  Certainly, many patients have been achieving decent results in short-term obesity treatment, but then again began consuming a lot of high-caloric foods.

Duromine diet pills contain Phentermine substance. Phentermine is an active substance, present in many medicines for obesity treatment (e.g., Adipex, Metermine, Phentermine Resin, Qsymia and Suprenza). Phentermine has been used in medicine since 1959 and, therefore, is well studied.

Phentermine effectiveness has been proved in millions of patients, over 50 years of its use. Many studies have been done over these years. Clinical studies have found the advantages and disadvantages of Phentermine-containing drugs.

  • Duromine is safe and effective for most patients, who have excessive weight or obesity.
  • Patient has a significantly reduced appetite and food intake, while he is taking Duromine diet pills.
  • Duromine accelerates metabolism and increases the rate of fat burning.
  • Period of obesity treatment with diet pills Duromine lasts no more, than 12 weeks.
  • When taking Duromine, patients can reduce their weight by 5-15%.

Not all volunteer groups were receiving Duromine diet pills during clinical trials. Some of them were receiving placebo, and did not know about it. At that, all volunteer groups were keeping to diets and increased physical activity during clinical trials.

Naturally, patients in all groups have shown decrease in body weight, change of lifestyle, which positively affected weight, waist circumference and shape. However, average weight loss was significantly greater in group, who took Duromine diet pills.

It is worth noting, that a volunteer group, who took Duromine, often complained about adverse reactions. There is nothing surprising in that. Duromine (Phentermine) is a highly active substance, which stimulates central nervous system and can raise blood pressure.

When patients take diet pills Duromine, they can experience side effects, some of which may be:

  • temporary loss of consciousness, as a result of reduced blood flow to the brain;
  • unpleasant taste or dry mouth;
  • difficulties in falling asleep and maintaining sleep;
  • abnormal accumulation of fluid in ankles, feet, or legs;
  • pain in chest or head;
  • emotional instability or uncertainty;
  • irregular heart rate;
  • permanent and uncontrollable feelings of fear and anxiety;
  • feelings of extreme sadness and depression;
  • impotence or other sexual dysfunction.

As we see from this list, diet pills Duromine can cause many side effects of varying severity.  Most Duromine side effects are mild to moderate, and disappear on their own after a certain period of time.

Due to the fact, that Duromine have a powerful anorexigenic effect on the organism and cause side effects, these diet pills are available in pharmacies by prescription only.

In many countries, free selling or storing of Duromine diet pills is regulated by law, and they cannot sell Duromine (Phentermine) online. This is done to protect the health of citizens. Excessive Duromine consumption can be dangerous.

The main thing in using Duromine is evaluating all the risks and benefits, which these diet pills may cause. Duromine can cause adverse reactions, but, most important is that Duromine can treat obesity. It is recommended to obtain advice from qualified professionals before using Duromine diet pills.